Free tax help is available at more than 285 locations across Ohio between Feb. 1 and April 15.


While Tax-Aide’s focus is on low-to-moderate income senior citizens, the service is available to anyone, regardless of income or age. You do not need to be a member of AARP; and you will not be asked if you are a member.


The service is totally free. We do not accept donations at tax-preparation sites.


What we do:


  • Prepare and file U.S., Ohio and (where applicable) school district tax returns

  • Prepare and file Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) tax forms

  • Determine eligibility for Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit and childcare deductions

  • Calculate taxes due on income from stocks, bonds and retirement accounts

  • Tax forms involving itemized deductions, education expenses and cancellation of debt

  • Simple self-employment returns


What we don't do:


  • Returns involving depreciation

  • Self-employment forms involving inventory or where there are employees

  • Alternative Minimum Tax calculations


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